General Market Talk

  • SRN News: Aired on over 1100 radio stations, SRN News is Christian Radio's #1 News Network and Christian Radio's definitive Source for News.
  • The Mike Gallagher Show: Mike's blend of timely political commentary, compelling talk topics featuring terrific social issues and lifestyle discussions, and his warm-hearted perspective as a husband and father of four children, has catapulted his show into the fastest-growing radio talk program in the country.
  • The Dennis Prager Show: Writer, lecturer and TV personality, Dennis Prager was an 18-year talk radio vet at KABC, now broadcasting from Salem's KRLA in Los Angeles. His diverse experience makes him one of the most compelling and thought-provoking talkers in America.
  • The Michael Medved Show: Finally, a contemporary talk show with a new style and personality. More than a sound-alike conservative talker, Michael Medved is winning listeners coast-to-coast with his unique blend of provocative dialog, incisive commentary and relateable humor.
  • The Hugh Hewitt Show: Hugh Hewitt is a broadcast pro who has informed and entertained on radio and television for over a decade. Hewitt is co-host of the weeknight television Life & Times Tonight, a three-time Emmy award winner on KCET-TV, Los Angeles.
  • The David Lawrence Show: A view of the world from the connected culture to the disconnected masses
  • The Cal Thomas Commentary: America's most-read Op Ed columnist and radio commentator Cal Thomas gives his incisive commentary daily in this 90-second feature.
  • Janet Parshall's America: This award-winning show, broadcast live daily from the steps of Capitol Hill, features a balance of current events, ministry, light-hearted entertainment and open phones. Janet's hard-hitting and heart-warming style covers multiple aspects of American culture.
  • America's Family Coaches Live: Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg host a daily talk show dedicated to strengthening marriages and families and creating a God-centered home.
  • Richard Land Live!: Dr. Richard Land speaks directly to listeners wrestling with cultural, political, and spiritual issues in a culture that has blurred the lines between right and wrong. For lively debate, insightful opinion and a provocative perspective, rely on Richard Land Live! to connect with your listeners.
  • "Best of" Programs: SRN has weekend releases for its talk shows; the best of the weekday talk shows for your weekend listeners.
  • Online Tonight: Demystifying the world of computers and the Internet, Online Today and Online Tonight highlight the high tech lifestyle and celebrate the high tech angle of pop culture.
  • Dawson McAllister Live: National Youth speaker McAllister hosts one of the most compelling Christian alternatives to secular talk radio each Sunday night.


  • Salem Music Network: Live from Nashville, three twenty-four hour music formats (adult contemporary, praise, and southern gospel) will give your station a major market sound and customization for your local market. Use any of our three formats in selected dayparts or full-time. We can tailor a package for your operation.
  • CCM Radio Magazine: A weekly program that keeps your listeners in touch with all of the hottest news in the world of contemporary Christian music, through exclusive artist interviews, premiers of new releases and information you will get first from this program.
  • Let us Worship: A blend of old and new favorites make this inspiration praise and worship music a must-carry for your station.
  • Spin 180:This 2-hour weekend production targets youth with Christian alternative music, ministry and entertainment. Hour two is a Top 10 rock countdown that can be used as a standalone program.
  • Realtime: A weekly program that combines drama and Contemporary Christian music to capture the interest of young people with its energy and relevancy for today.

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